The Sangha Collective came to fruition recognizing that there are a lot of start ups, individuals, small businesses, and even established businesses that struggle with resources and management of their operations.

This is where The Sangha Collective comes in. We have curated a group of professionals who we want to work with our clients, offering specific skills, knowledge, and expertise inside the cannabis industry.

Our clients seek our services when looking to “level up” their cannabis businesses. From individuals, to start-ups, to established businesses, we serve the cannabis industry by filling the capacity and resource gaps that prevent things from moving forward within organizations.

At The Sangha Collective, we believe that we are more powerful, strong, resilient, and effective together than we are apart, and this is why we hope you will join us.

Being a part of The Sangha Collective will:


·         Expose your specialized skills and knowledge to some of the industry’s leading clients;
·         Provide fair and above market-rate compensation for your work;
·         Help advance the role of women in the cannabis industry, while honoring people of all races, backgrounds, genders, races and abilities;
·         Provide you opportunities to work in a team environment on client strategies;
·         Gain you promotion of your skills and abilities through Sangha’s social media and communications channels;

How this will work:

Members of The Sangha Collective will offer their services to the projects managed by the three-person founding team. The team will consult with members about their fees, availability, and interests to take on new projects. Members will be paid by The Sangha Collective for their services, while members are kept in the loop about overall project progress.

We invite members of The Sangha Collective to appear on our website with a photo, and a short bio, as well as a summary of the services, skills and knowledge we will engage as part of The Sangha Collective.

We are currently seeking specialists in the following areas:

 ·        Legal Advice/Cannabis Law (U.S. & Canada)
·         Social Media Management
·         Marketing
·         Website Development
·         Creative/Graphic Design
·         Licensing Specialist (U.S. & Canada)
·         Business Planning
·         Research Specialist
·         Accreditation
·         Not-for-Profit Specialist
·         Grow/Cultivation
·         Branding
·         Human Resources
·         Community Engagement/Relations
·         Events Planning & Management

To discuss becoming a member of The Sangha Collective

Please contact us at or fill out our ONLINE FORM to tell us a bit about yourself.