Anne-Marie Fischer, BA, M.ED.
Chief Executive Officer


Anne-Marie Fischer brings 15 years of valuable experience in her role as CEO of Sangha Education. A lifelong writer, fueled by curiosity and a drive to find solutions to the world’s toughest problems, Anne-Marie acquired a Combined Honors Bachelor of Arts in English & History from Wilfrid Laurier University. She eagerly studied the craft of the English language while learning about human behaviour through the exploration of the past. A dedicated global citizen at an early age, Anne-Marie spent part of her early schooling at The University of Limerick in Ireland, while spending her summers working for national non-profits. Upon graduation, she acquired a Diploma in Human Resources Management, allowing her to foray into the higher education environment.

Anne-Marie enjoyed career opportunities in Human Resources, specializing in Recruitment and Training & Development; and in Student Success, where she was able to focus her professional attentions on community engagement, educational design, career development, experiential learning, international engagement, research, and knowledge translation (KT). Anne-Marie’s career brought her to the U.S., Central America, and East Africa, where she built crucial research and engagement partnerships between countries while doing her own educational research, leading her to acquire a Master of Education from Western University in 2013.

Following a position as a Manager of a local poverty research centre, Anne-Marie decided to pursue entrepreneurship in early 2016 and has never looked back. Since then, Anne-Marie built a successful tattoo studio in Costa Rica, has collaborated in writing several books with some of the world’s leading business leaders, and made the full-time foray into cannabis in 2017. CannaWrite, her cannabis content and writing company provides high-quality, engaging, and informative content to some of the most recognized brands in cannabis. Anne-Marie brings her entrepreneurship talents, business acumen, and experience being a badass boss lady to the team of Sangha, and looks forward to helping others succeed within the cannabis space through our offerings.

Vanessa Labelle
Chief Operations Office


Vanessa brings experiences and skills acquired working in healthcare, administration, hospitality, warehouse, and retails sales to the Sangha team. It is her goal to assist fledgling companies, brands, influencers, or individuals established in, or looking to enter the Canadian cannabis industry.

Vanessa is a guru of operations, with her skills and knowledge including social media account management, content strategy, internal communication tools, development or improvement of existing operating procedures, digital & hardcopy file organization, customer care protocols, solutions & guidance for digital marketing restrictions specific to the industry, and many more talents.

She considers her background as a registered health care aide, where she assisted seniors and youth living with disabilities find independence in their communities, as a great honor and privilege. The sense of fulfillment and pride she received from her job soon degraded as she witnessed first-hand many of the ways in which our healthcare system can fall short. No perfect system exists, but she thought to herself: “Surely, we can do better!”. Following this disheartening epiphany, she routinely felt as though she was actively contributing to, and perpetuating, the issues riddling our healthcare system, as opposed to being a part of the solution.

Knowing things would not change anytime soon, Vanessa made the difficult decision to leave her role in healthcare and return to an administrative position - this is how she came to work in the cannabis industry. Although she had been a supporter and cannabis user for 15+ years, it wasn’t until being fully immersed in the world of cannabis that she began to learn more and truly understand the diverse benefits of the plant. The experience she has gained in the cannabis industry (pre and post legalization) has afforded her to the ability to pass on what she’s learned, helping others to feel empowered in making decisions regarding how they might incorporate cannabis into their life.

Regardless of where, or how, you feel you fit into the Canadian cannabis industry, it is Vanessa’s goal to help Sangha clients in finding a solid footing; a successful platform on which clients can continue to expand, learn, and meet the needs of their consumer base.

Sarah Lovegrove, BA, BSCN, MA
Chief Engagement & Advocacy officer


Sarah Lovegrove is a multi-passionate cannabis educator and former registered nurse living in Nanaimo, BC, originally from small town Northern Ontario. In addition to her experience as a critical care and emergency nurse, Sarah has an extensive academic background including a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History & Psychology, a Graduate Certificate in Victimology & Victim Studies, and a Master of Arts degree in Women’s Studies with a concentration on sexual violence and human trafficking. She has spent the last decade dedicated to the roles of learner, researcher, educator, advocate, healthcare professional, and care provider. Her multiple areas of interest include women’s health & wellness; compassionate end-of-life and palliative care; global and domestic gender-based violence; sexual assault and human trafficking; risk and harm reduction; and self-care for caregivers, nurses & healthcare professionals.

Sarah has a particular passion for the empowerment and support of women, and is tirelessly dedicated to ensuring that the dignity and basic rights of human beings are respected and maintained in her own community and on a global scale. She has spent the past decade exploring her own journey with mental health including clinical depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations, past trauma and abuse, complex anticipatory grief, as well as ongoing struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). After being introduced to cannabis just over two years ago for the management of anxiety and sleep support, she has been an enthusiastic supporter of cannabis, committed to self-driven research about endocannabinoid medicine, therapeutic cannabis use, and the [many] potential benefits for this plant, including its capacity to eliminate the unnecessary deaths occurring as a result of the ongoing opioid and overdose crisis.  She is an advocate for the normalization of cannabis in our culture, encouraging a community of support and engagement among those in the cannabis industry, and the integration of cannabis into modern healthcare, nursing practice, as a natural alternative for a multitude of therapeutic needs.

Sarah brings a gift for advocacy, passion for helping people, and seeing people succeed to the Sangha team. According to the rest of the Sangha team, Sarah is the wind beneath our sails with her relentless passion and drive.