Following a FREE 15-minute consultation with the Sangha team, we will offer 1-hour video “coaching” sessions to our clients. These sessions are focused on developing your core mission, identifying core strengths and opportunities, and creating a wrap-around of cannabis industry professionals to help lift your projects off the ground.

For individuals who are looking to enter the cannabis industry, or who are looking to take the next step in their careers, we offer personalized career consulting based on a career development, HR, and general knowledge and experiences in the cannabis industry.

There is no “one size fits all” for Sangha consultations. We will take every opportunity to get to know your needs prior to our consultation so to ensure every minute is focused on leveling up the work of our clients.

If you’re interested in scheduling a CONSULT with Sangha, please fill out the form found HERE.

Services & Support

Following consultation, Sangha will work on behalf of clients to create strategies that help certain areas of their organization move forward. From organizational development, to social media and marketing, to event planning, and branding, we have the tools to help you build your strategies to optimize our clients’ space within the cannabis industry.

The Sangha Collective is a group of professionals who have been specifically chosen to serve the clients of Sangha. Their skills have been acknowledged as some of the best of the business, and their roles have been assigned to provide a wrap-around approach of services to fill existing gaps in organizational capacity.

Education & Advocacy

Cannabis education is at the core of what we do at Sangha. As three cannabis educators, we seek to weave high-quality, evidence-based cannabis education through all our programming. We offer curriculum development for all audiences, based on adult learning principles.

In addition, the roots of Sangha are highly influenced by our individual experiences advocating on behalf of individuals and communities. We provide services that help elevate the causes of not-for-profits, while helping these advocacy groups find funding and create solutions for revenue. We stay closely tied to communities so to remain astute for opportunities for partnerships between the cannabis industry and local initiatives and not-for-profits.