Press Release: Mothers Mary Non-profit Partners with Female-Led Cannabis Collective


NANAIMO, February 5, 2019 – Sangha Collective, a female-led cannabis education and consultation team is pleased to announce a partnership with Mothers Mary, a Montreal-based non-profit with international reach.

“It’s important that we focus on supporting emerging organizations with strong missions,” says Anne-Marie Fischer, CEO and co-founder of Sangha Collective, “Mothers Mary supports mothers in the use of cannabis in their journey of motherhood, while providing reliable, evidence-based education. This is completely in line with the work of Sangha Collective.”

Sangha Collective provides consultation, coaching, and a suite of professional services to emerging cannabis businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. It is based on the foundations of empowerment, believing that within the cannabis industry, we are more powerful together than we are apart.

“In every aspect of motherhood, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in creating a better future,” says Mothers Mary co-founder and co-CEO Annie Bertrand when asked about the intentions behind Mothers Mary, “We do this by breaking the stigmas, by empowering moms to be their authentic selves breaking the molds of society. We help moms be authentic by living a conscious cannabis lifestyle with constant intention and introspection, which we achieve by having a non-judgemental community that consistently holds each other up.”

“Through our partnership, we will help Mothers Mary develop their organizational capacity by helping them developing a Board of Governance structure, establishing positions within the organization, and helping them get their operations off the ground,” said Sarah Lovegrove, Chief Engagement & Advocacy Officer of Sangha Collective. “Mothers Mary presents an excellent opportunity for Sangha to deliver our services as we envisioned,” added Vanessa La Belle, Chief Operations Officer of Sangha Collective.

The vision for Mothers Mary was created in 2017 by Jordana Zabitsky, co-founder and co-CEO, after struggling with Post Partum Depression (PPD), finding cannabis to be the only relief from her symptoms. Interested in finding like-minded mothers, she met Annie online and found they had similar experiences. Mothers Mary was created as an online Facebook group, which has amassed 1,600 “mombers” and growing, in which topics like cannabis use, mental health, parenting and the every day experiences of being a women are discussed.

“Our greater vision includes programs and services that are geared towards women’s health, and safe access to care,” said Jordana Zabitsky, “Our partnership with Sangha Collective will allow us to take things to the next level, find funding for our organizational programming, and help us develop the structure of people around us that we need to thrive.”

“We have hand picked two nonprofits on which to focus on through our non-profit programming,” says Lovegrove, “We believe that in addition to helping cannabis businesses thrive, we should be elevating the strengths of nonprofits that are often stretched for resources. We can’t wait to see the partnership between Sangha Collective and Mothers Mary take off even further than it already has”.


Sangha Collective is a female-led collective working with cannabis entrepreneurs, nonprofits, startups, and established businesses by providing consultation and coaching services. Sangha offers a wrap-around approach of services to cannabis businesses, helping to fill the gaps of organizational structures while adding capacity so that organizations can focus on their core missions.

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Sarah Lovegrove
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Sangha Collective
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Mothers Mary is a registered Canadian non-profit organization. It is stigma-free online Facebook community, where women and mothers can connect to each other and share their stories about motherhood, while getting support and reliable information about cannabis from a supportive group of Ambassadors, cannabis educators, and cannabis industry partnerships.

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Jordana Zabitsky
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Mothers Mary
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Anne-Marie Fischer