"In Their Place" - Sangha Launch Keynote

The following was the keynote speech delivered by Kyrsten Carlson at the International Women’s Day Event “Women in Cannabis” and the official launch of The Sangha Collective.

“Women are the majority of healthcare providers, making up 85% of nurses while 93% of the top directors, administrative health workers and Doctors are men.


Our system incorporated medicine to suit the systematic oppression of keeping both women and men “in their place” healing with the operational objective that all workers are women and all bosses are men.  The tides are turning, slowly. We are often those who give the most yet we are acknowledged the least. Rather than independent practitioners, known by our own names and for the incredible strengths and efficacy put into our work.  For the most part, society has stigmatized the woman healer and made them institutional fixtures taught to be faceless in these job slots, expected to assess and treat so many humans that some care facilities, have minimal degree of separation to that of a factory farming facility.  Creators and nurtures of life, woman and her intuition has consistently been thwarted, diminished in fear of how powerful we are and can become. Though Power often refers to money I like to think that it inhabits a person’s principles- a choice made between virtue over vice. To find value in our self awakenings rather than terror in knowing our capacity;  and using that impact for the greater good.

The suppression of female guidance in the medical establishment is an everyday political struggle towards gender equality and one of the reasons women are needed in the cannabis community.  We have seen the status of women healers rise and fall with the status of women. The more awakened that we become, the more we are viewed as heretics rather than heroines. When women healers were attacked, they were attacked as Women;  but when they fought back, they fought back in solidarity with all oppressed People.  

When we fight individual battles that keep us self aware, kind and critical we are leaving less and less room for any future mistreatment or lesser dignity.

Sangha is taking the world by storm because we know there is an abundance of those who are not in their power, yet have potential to be a beacon of light and an endless source of lived experience to guide with.

That means growers, writers, wellness gurus- Sangha is like a siren call beckoning sisterhood, brotherhood. Sangha stirs up within us an open avenue for speaking our truth- and finding power in that individuality.  It allows space for each person to be individual without actually being seperate or alone. It’s the unity and collective harmony we practice with one another, intentful in providing love without conditions, respect and support; all of this which is made available through the sacred gift of cannabis.

Humans crave connectivity! Cannabis keeps us connected. By coming together in collaboration rather than competition, we can create change that honors both this plant and each and every one of us. Sangha is not just three, four,  how ever many women and men who join this collective it’s... a Soul. The soul is like a house. You can keep dusting the cobwebs and keep the heat on but if the doors are always kept closed there’s no free flow or profound change.

If you feel comfortable here tonight I wanna encourage you to carve out an intention before leaving.  Put to death the lie of what a woman’s “place” or a “man's place” is and open yourself up to possibility that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be; with one another right now, SHARING this experience.  You are sharing a sensational gift with us and with those around you simply by being who you ARE. Let Sangha remind you what a courageous, incredible qualification that is.

Thank You all for coming,  Stay connected! “

Anne-Marie Fischer