About Sangha

We are three women combining 30+ years of experience and 25+ years of formal education who have come together to empower entrepreneurs and emerging companies within the cannabis industry. The Sangha Collective brings together some of the brightest minds and skill sets to offer cannabis, from leadership development, to marketing and social media strategies, to content development and strategies for organizational effectiveness.

Sangha works to understand the needs of cannabis industry clients, while working to develop a wrap around approach with the services of The Sangha Collective that will help them elevate their position within the cannabis industry.

Sangha’s intended outcomes and cannabis industry impact include:

  • Filling gaps within the cannabis industry’s professional services by building a collective of high-quality, skilled professionals in a variety of business areas;

  • Re-investing financial resources from the cannabis industry back into communities, promoting opportunities for small-businesses, not-for-profits and community-based organizations;

  • Promoting the advancement of women in the cannabis industry, while leveraging the talents of all genders, backgrounds, race, religions, and abilities;

  • Hosting cannabis-related events that seek to connect people while advancing the overall mission of responsibly educating the general public about cannabis;

  • Making important connections between community-based research questions and academic communities to further the clinical research knowledge-base on cannabis;

Sangha is a one-stop shop for all entrepreneurs and cannabis companies to bring themselves to the next level. Contact Sangha today for a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss Sangha’s fit for your ideas and goals.

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Join the Sangha Collective

Sangha is focused on elevating the talents, skills and knowledge of women and individuals within the cannabis industry to new heights. Together, we are more effective than we are apart.

If you have a skill set or knowledge base that you would like to offer Sangha and our clients, please get in contact to join The Sangha Collective.