Empowering the people of cannabis.

Sangha is a female-led collective supporting emerging and existing cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs to elevate existing talents and identify key strengths while providing support through a collaborative of business-focused services.

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We are Sangha

The global cannabis industry began with individuals who were passionate about cannabis; their skills honed and improved with continued self-driven education, combinations of trial and error, and in many cases, collaborating with those who were like-minded.

These pioneers did not have specific skill sets acquired for the purpose of cultivating cannabis. Instead, they used what knowledge they did have, and applied it in a way that met their needs, and brought the cannabis industry to what it is today.

It’s time to level up.

Our team at Sangha seeks to empower the people of cannabis, while filling knowledge and skill gaps for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established cannabis businesses wanting or needing to take that next step.


What is “Sangha”?

“Sangha” is a Sanskrit and Pali word meaning “assembly”, “community”, “association”, or “company”. In the Buddhist tradition, it is used to describe the community of monks and nuns coming together to honour Buddha and practice the dharma (teachings) of the tradition. We honour the traditional meaning of the sangha, while taking the principles of the sangha into our work in the cannabis industry.

We are a community, an assembly, an association, and a company of people all working towards the same mission: to advance the cannabis industry and spread education about the potential of the incredible cannabis plant. As a community, we work together, in harmony rather than in competition, towards one goal, one unified cause.

Sangha Collective is a company that promotes community, elevating the talents of groups and individuals to their highest potential, by providing them with consultation and services aimed to increase organizational effectiveness and impact within the industry.



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Our Services

Sangha offers combined experiences in the cannabis industry, education, research, medical practice, business development, curriculum development, Human Resources, marketing, and leadership development to our clients.



Following a FREE 15-minute consultation with the Sangha team, we will offer 1-hour video “coaching” sessions to our clients. These sessions are focused on developing your core mission, identifying core strengths and opportunities, and creating a wrap-around of cannabis industry professionals to help lift their projects off the ground.

Full suite of services

Sangha Education is a collaborative of individuals who have been specifically chosen to provide professional services to Sangha’s clients. The services are curated to fill the resources gaps of cannabis organizations, startups, and entrepreneurial endeavours and get s#it done!


Following consultation, Sangha will work on behalf of clients to create strategies that help certain areas of their organization move forward. From organizational development, to social media and marketing, to event planning, and branding, we have the tools to help you build your strategy to level up your business.

Education & EVENTS

With a background in curriculum development, cannabis education, and event management, Sangha not only provides support in holding cannabis-related events, but the cannabis education to go with it.


Margaret mead

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”